Thomas Paulk

Thomas Paulk

Thomas Paulk

Biography and Works

Tom is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, majored in Engineering, then had a 15 year Jet Fighter career, flying F-4 Phantoms and F-14 Tomcats.  An avid modeler as a youngster, he was always drawn to “flying machines” and the skies, and was fortunate to discover a path that led to an aviation career.  After Navy, he is a recent retiree (in 2020) from the business world and can finally devote more than a few hours to his favorite endeavor, painting and aviation art.  ...more...

Tom is the President of a local Art club in Virginia, for 4 years, a place to rub elbows with other artists and brainstorm how to solve problems, enjoy some camaraderie, and plan and execute various local art shows.  
His goals are to continue to improve and to create pleasing compositions for lovers of aviation art. 


Artist's Work 1
The Chosen Ones

Acrylic on Canvas, 28”x30”

Single Tomcat on flight deck in late afternoon. One of the crew is observing a maintainer who is digging into the turtleback area.
Artist's Work 2
Eagle's Jet

Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x28”

RF-4B slides into low holding above the USS Midway, with Eagle (the C.O.) guiding the jet.
Artist's Work 3
Nacho's F-4

Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x36”

VF-161 F-4S sits on the flight deck, with a huffer nearby in a ready state. .
Artist's Work 4
Rocks Around the Block

Acrylic on Canvas, 22”x28”

A section of F-4S from VF-161 “Rock Rivers” at high speed above the Phillipines Jungle.
Artist's Work 5
Switchbox Beach Patrol

Acrylic on Canvas, 22”x28”

A section of F-4S from VF-151 “Vigilantes” (callsign “Switchbox”) cruises above the coastline in the Phillipines.
Artist's Work 6
Fly's F-4

Acrylic on Canvas, 22”x28”

An F-4S drifts along with a spectacular sunset.
Artist's Work 7
Cathedral of Light

Acrylic on Canvas, 30”x40”

A section of F-14s head into a sea of “God’s rays”, a scene that happens with the right timing and environmentals.
Artist's Work 8
"The Last Starfighters" shows a division of F-14s from VF-33, off of Failaka Island and starting the turn North, toward Iraq.
Artist's Work 9
"Hey Joe!" shows a VF-32 Swordsmen fly-in, post Desert Storm, with Dave "Hey Joe" Parsons wielding his camera. Hey Joe was one of the most prolific photographers of Navy Air and the F-14.
Artist's Work 10

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