Robert Mascher

Robert Mascher

Robert Mascher
Mobile: 011-36-30-212-1312

Biography and Works

Robert Mascher is a young Hungarian artist. He studied product design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest. After obtaining his BA and MA degrees, he worked with graphics and taught art. His sculptures and paintings are of various styles but have one thing in common. They are connected to flying and aircraft. Robert has painted mainly the airplanes of Hungary, which are German (WWII) and Russian. ...more

He has taken part in several exhibitions and has had four individual exhibitions as well. One of them was held on the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Air Force in 1998, and an other in 2003, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of motor aviation.


Artist's Work 1
Over the ruins of Csesznek Castle
123x84 oil on board
Artist's Work 2
120 x 55cm oil on board
The only multirole aircraft of the HAF, the Su-22M3.
Artist's Work 3
Puma Fulcrum
140 x 70cm oil on board
Artist's Work 4
Sunny Hind
120x70 oil on board
Mi-24 Hind
Artist's Work 5
The Danubian Messerschmitt
140x70 oil on board
This painting was made for the commission of the director of the Danubian Aircraft Company. It illustrates the first product of the Company, the Hungarian built Me-210. In the background the Danube and the Csepel Island can be seen, with the runway of the factory. This is Lóránt Dóczy’s machine, which was shot down after a double victory on 13 April 1944.
Artist's Work 6
The Old Puma
110x65 oil on board
Commander Aladár Heppes’ victory over Russia. Later he become the commander of the Puma regiment.
Artist's Work 7
Item No. 74
A Mig-21 F13 of the Hungarian Air Force
Artist's Work 10

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