Robert Fiacco

Robert Fiacco

Robert Fiacco
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Biography and Works

Robert grew up in Diamond Bar California, where he studied painting with a local artist. Robert attended the University of California, Irvine and then joined the US Navy. After completing flight training, Robert completed a 23 year career as a Naval Flight Officer while concurrently pursuing fine art and illustration. Robert was able to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for a year focusing on academic foundation (life drawing, perspective, color, life painting, etc) and portraiture. He continues to experiment with new mediums and subject matter. ...more

"I think art is about emotion; without this the artwork is lifeless. Art should also be well thought out and should offer a unique perspective or leave the viewer wondering. Finally, there should be a solid technical element, that of a masterfully painted picture by only the artist's hand."


Artist's Work 1
Oriskany Rendezvous
Artist's Work 2
The Downing of Flogger
Artist's Work 3
F-4 Phantom Overhead
Artist's Work 4
Phantom Launch
Artist's Work 5
Feet Wet
Alpha Strike A-4
Artist's Work 10

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