Peter Ring, Sr.

Peter Ring, Sr.

Peter Ring, Sr.
Ft Worth
H: 508-615-8827

Biography and Works

Peter Ring is a self-educated aviation artist born and raised in Worcester, MA. Now living Ft Worth, TX. Peter is well known nationally for his "photo-realistic" paintings of commercial and military aircraft. Nine Paintings are in that Pentagon as part of the Air Force Art Program. Peter paints primarily in acrylic, though he occasionally does pencil drawings. Painting aviation art is his way of staying close to aviation, conveying its thrill, and

showing what airplanes look like up close and at their best angles. ...more



Artist's Work 1
F-35 Thunderbird
Artist's Work 2
Night Moves
Artist's Work 3
Evolution in Excellence
Artist's Work 4
Space Truckin
Artist's Work 5
Artist's Work 6
When Stars Gather
Artist's Work 7
Goddards Dream
Artist's Work 8
United 787-8 delivery flight
Artist's Work 9
B-58 Hustler
Artist's Work 10

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