Murray Jones

Murray Jones

Murray Jones
El Paso

Biography and Works

Murray Jones is the son of the late LTC (ret) Paul R. Jones, who was a long time member of ASAA.  Murray credits his father for inspiring and teaching him the fundementals of painting.  Murray Jones' love of aviation was also fostered by his father, and Murray is currently an Active-Duty U.S. Army Aviator flying the AH-64D/E Apache as a Standardization Instructor Pilot, with over 21 years of service.  Starting out as an Infantryman in 2001, Murray has served combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and has been deployed twice to South Korea, and currently live in El Paso, TX.  Painting in the classical representational style, Murray counts Kieth Ferris as his primary influencer because his father, Paul R. Jones, admired and studied under him, making Kieth a prominent figure in his life. 


Artist's Work 1
"Uriah Hayes" - Oil on Canvas 48” X 30”
U.S. Army AH-64D Apache flying south of Qala-e-Naw in the Herat/Badghis Province, Afghanistan, 2009, flown by the late CW4 Uriah Hayes.
Artist's Work 2
"Direct Assault" - Acrylic on Canvas 30” X 30“
Helicopter Assault Force “HAF” short final on the objective, escorted by an Attack Weapons Team “AWT”. Afghanistan – General.
Artist's Work 3
"Gunship" - Acrylic on Canvas 36” X 27”
U.S. Army AH-64D. FOB Salerno, Khost/P2K Afghanistan, 2008.
Pilot-in-Command: CW3 Dave Lewis; Co-Pilot/Gunner: CW3 Mike Merril.
Artist's Work 4
"Monster" - Acrylic on Canvas 36” X 24”
U.S. Army AH-64D Apache flying a combat retrograde mission of COP Charkh, Logar Province, Afghanistan, 2012. Pilot in Command: CW4 Murray Jones (artist) Back Seat.
Artist's Work 5
Boyington's Bastards Oil on Canvas 48” X 30”
F4U-1A, 1943, Blacksheep Squadron over the Solomon Islands beginning engagement.
Artist's Work 6
"Creamer's Dream" - Oil on Canvas 36” X 27”
Creamer’s Dream, the aircraft of Lt. Charles White, 301st Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen. Painting depicts the first of two BF 109’s shot down on 1 April 1945 by Lt. White.
Artist's Work 7
"Greater Love Hath No Man" - Acrylic on Canvas 36" X 24"
This was the Aircraft my Uncle, 1LT Paul Jones was shot down in on 8APR44. He was one of five survivors, was captured, and spent over a year as a POW.
Artist's Work 8
"SPIT" - Oil on Canvas 36" X 27"
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIb, Battle of Britain
Artist's Work 9
"The Storm" - Oil on Canvas
46" X 30"
BF-109E Colonel Gustav Rodel, Libya, Summer 1941. JG-27.
Artist's Work 10

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