Michael White

Michael White

Michael White
New Zealand
064 9 585 2045

Biography and Works

Mike is a native of Scotland and moved to Auckland in 1974. He has had an interest in art together with classic WWII aircraft since early childhood and has been painting in oils since age 16. Mike combines the skills he has acquired over many years as a landscape painter with his love of classic aircraft and, in recent times, has concentrated exclusively on aviation themes. Accuracy and attention to detail plus a desire to create an interesting and appropriate atmosphere for the subject matter is a priority in his work.


Artist's Work 1
Wairarapa Wildcat
Artist's Work 2
Dutch Airforce Spitfire Mk IX
Artist's Work 3
De Havilland Warbirds Over Ardmore NZ
Artist's Work 5
Lockheed PV-1 Venturas of RNZAF Over Rabaul Volcanoes
Artist's Work 6
Westland Lysander Mk III of Special Operations
Artist's Work 7
Stuka Dive Attack
Artist's Work 8
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX
Artist's Work 9
PBY5A Catalina Lake Takeoff
Artist's Work 10
Red Tail Mustangs

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