Mark Waki

Mark Waki

Mark Waki
Brigham City
H: 435-723-2563; W: 435-863-6219
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Mark Waki is a full-time artist for Orbital ATK and works at the Promontory facility near Brigham City, Utah. He has been a professional aerospace artist since 1980 and has artwork displayed with the U.S. Air Force Art Collection, at the Pentagon, The U.S. Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio and with the U.S Air Force Thunderbirds, as well as with private collectors. ...more

"My childhood was filled with pencil drawings and scale models of flying machines of all types. Drawings of B-25s shooting down Zeros and models of Fokker DR-1s to Saturn Vs go back to my preschool years. I never considered art as a profession until I realized that I wasn't going to fly military aircraft due to poor uncorrected vision. Paintings became the connection to the fighter pilot community, military aviation and spaceflight. I consider technical accuracy equally important as artistic style in the very unique world of aviation and aerospace art. However, both must be present to have good art."


Artist's Work 1
At a Moment's Notice
Artist's Work 2
Cripes A'Mighty 3rd
Artist's Work 3
Separation Complete
Artist's Work 4
Atlas Workhorse
Artist's Work 5
No Place to Hide
Artist's Work 6
Space Station Freedom
Artist's Work 10

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