Marc Poole

Marc Poole

Marc Poole

Biography and Works

Marc Poole joined the ASAA as an Associate Member in 1992, and became an Artist Member in 2001. He became an ASAA Artist Fellow in 2019. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Visualization from Mississippi State University, and stayed on as Faculty in the Art Department from 2001-2007, teaching Design I and II, Drawing I and II, Rendering, and Computer Art. He moved to Biloxi, Mississippi in 2007 and spent the next year as the Multimedia Director for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino before getting back into academia. He has taught for Tulane University, William Carey University, and the University of Southern Mississppi, and is currently the Fine Arts Instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Marc is a Private Pilot, an avid plein air painter, and attempts to create his aviation pieces with a strong sense of natural light. He is passionate about Mississippi history and capturing stories close to home. He has works in the permanent collections of the National Naval Aviation Museum, the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, the Navy Art collection, and the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Marc is also a civilian participant in the Marine Corps Combat Art Program.


Artist's Work 1
Artist's Work 2
Cactus Welcome Wagon
Artist's Work 3
Fit To Be Tied
Artist's Work 4
Countdown to Showtime
Artist's Work 5
Texas Dolls
Artist's Work 6
Black Sheep Over Baghdad
Artist's Work 7
Just Follow Me, I'll Take You To 'Em!
Artist's Work 8
Keesler's Valiant Stand
Artist's Work 9
Squawkin Hawk Departing Thorpe Abbotts
Artist's Work 10
Big Easy Wildcat

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