Jean-Luc Beghin

Jean-Luc Beghin

Jean-Luc Beghin
San Pedro
(310) 521-9322
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Jean-Luc Beghin was five when Allied forces liberated his home town in Belgium during World War 2. The events around him left him with a lasting fascination for aviation as well as all things American. He later served as an illustrator, comic strip artist and photographer for military and civilian publications. Today he is an American citizen living in Los Angeles. He is currently creating visual histories of the U.S. Army Air Force, the jeep and G.I.'s experiences in Belgium and France during World War 2. His highly detailed renditions of cockpits interiors give the viewer the feeling of "being at the controls". Air France hired him and he became Ops Manager at LAX where, for  23 years,  he totally enjoyed taking care of the 747s, the  777s and their crews. He was recently awarded the Aero-Club de France 2018 prize for his "Cockpits" art book. 


Artist's Work 1
Douglas C-47 / (DC-3) "Skytrain"
Artist's Work 2
North American P-51D "Mustang"
Artist's Work 3
Spitfire Mk.V Cockpit
Artist's Work 4
Piper Cub L-4H "Grasshopper"
Artist's Work 5
Boeing 777 Superliner
Artist's Work 6
1942 Ford GPW jeep
Artist's Work 7
Cessna 150 Cockpit
Artist's Work 8
Northwest B-747/200
Yellow Ribbon
Artist's Work 9
B-24 "Witchcraft II"
Artist's Work 10
Chance-Vought F-8 Crusader

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