Jack Fellows

Jack Fellows

Jack Fellows
Lake Stevens

Biography and Works

Jack’s career as a practicing professional artist spans a period of over thirty-five years, both as a commercial artist and a fine art painter. His intense interest in the history of the air war in the Pacific led to his origination of the Cactus Air Force Art Project, dedicated to the collecting and archiving of historical data relating to that period. Most of his work today illustrates military aviation in the Pacific. ...more ..

As an artistic counterpoint to Jack’s military history illustrations, is his work as a fine art painter, focusing on figurative and landscape subjects, and occasionally, maritime subjects. Above all else, he favors the opportunity to paint landscape subjects in Europe, particularly around the Mediterranean. He has been invited to show his landscape work at the prestigious Peppertree Ranch Art Show in California, May, 2004.

Jack’s work has been widely collected, in the United States and abroad, in museum collections, and by private collectors. He has won many awards, over the years, most recently, the R.G. Smith Award for Excellence in Naval Aviation Art (2004), and is the originator and primary financial backer of the Capt. Duane Whitney Martin-Vietnam Airwar Award for Artistic Excellence, awarded annually by the American Society of Aviation Artists. He was president of the American Society of Aviation Artists 1995-97, is a Life Member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters, a member of the USAF Art Program, and guest lecturer, Museum of Flight-Visiting Aviator Series. He has approximately one-hundred postage-stamp designs to his credit and most of his work is available, published in a variety of formats, in both open and limited edition.


Artist's Work 1
Tigers in the Valley
Artist's Work 2
Tokyo Sleeper
Artist's Work 3
Artist's Work 5
Artist's Work 10

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