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Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson
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Greg Jackson is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he completed a concentration in Military History. After graduation, he served as an Armor officer in the United States Army, deploying as the executive officer of an M1A1 tank company for Operation Desert Storm. He currently works as a senior web graphics designer.

A self-taught artist, Greg has been fascinated by aviation from an early age, being particularly drawn to military aircraft. His primary medium is acrylic, but he also works with oil, graphite, pen and ink, and colored pencil. Greg is married to Amy Jackson and has two sons, Eric and Evan.

Artist's Work 1
"Blue Max"
Acrylic, 24" x 36"
Artist's Work 2
"The Pug and the Samurai"
Acrylic, 24" x 36"
Artist's Work 3
"One for the Record Books"
Oil, 24" x 36"
Artist's Work 4
"Leaving Lae"
Oil, 24" x 36"
Artist's Work 5
"Evan's First Flight"
Oil, 16" x 20"

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