Glen Hart

Glen Hart

Glen Hart
Boulder Creek

Biography and Works

“My style is that of an Aviation Impressionist Painter. Aircraft have different levels that they project. I tend to gravitate to how they make me feel. That’s the way I paint them.” It’s been a long road from illustrating with the U.S. Army evacuation forces in Vietnam (1975), to building models and creating electronic art for software companies (1996 to present). ...more

Through the years, Glen Hart has had a variety of commissioned pieces and experiences in the arts and is currently living at The Sea Ranch, California with his wife Judy. He has worked on everything from commissioned aviation paintings, portraits, surrealistic landscape paintings, fantasy, sci-fi illustrations and digital art to building model aircraft and military vehicles for individuals and software companies. Hart’s specialty is aviation art developed by a life time love of flight and airplanes. His painting Into the Fire won first place and received the Blue Ribbon for Acrylics and Oil at Art in the Redwoods, 2001. In 2003, he won first place again in Art in the Redwoods for his painting Storm Chronicles: The Sea Ranch. Hart attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco (1982 to 1986) and The University of San Francisco (1970 to 1974). He was also a Captain in the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam veteran. He is a member of the following organizations: • 1st Calvary Division Association (1974 to present) • North Coast Artist Guild (2001 to present) • American Society of Aviation Artists (2003 to present)


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