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David Gorski
David Gorski
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Since childhood, airplanes have held an obsessive fascination. The freedom, power and beauty of manned flight gripped my imagination and would not let go. Like many young boys, I channeled my creativity and focus by building plastic model airplanes. After high school, I began exploring the arts at a local community college. This only served to whet my appetite for a more challenging curriculum. Transferring to the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, I fell in love with the art of illustration, honing my skills under some of the most talented teachers in the field. Upon graduation I applied to the armed forces to fulfill my dream of flight. ...more

Unfortunately, due to nearsightedness, I was turned away. Switching gears, I decided to express my love of flying through painting. I love to paint my subjects with high drama, bold colors and dynamic compositions that compel the viewer to become involved in the painting.

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