Darby Perrin

Darby Perrin

Darby Perrin
Tinker AFB

Biography and Works

Darby Perrin’s love for aviation began in 1986 when he joined the United States Air Force. Already an accomplished artist, the military fed his creativity and afforded many opportunities to paint and design. He’s been a Crew Chief and flew as an Airborne Communications Technician on AWACS. He was a KC-135 Boom Operator for 20 years and he’s presently employed by the Air Force Reserve Command History Office as a full time Historian/Artist.  Darby has a gallery and studio on Tinker AFB outside of Oklahoma City.

Darby is a self-taught artist and has won numerous awards and honors. He has an eye for the majesty and mysticism of aviation and his work is seen on canvases and prints that hang in museums and private collections throughout the world. He’s also designed and painted nose art on 34 USAF aircraft. His gallery and studio house over 90 different prints, and dozens of original paintings including several hand painted leather jackets.


Artist's Work 1
Artist's Work 2
Knife Edge
Artist's Work 3
Continuing the Legacy
Artist's Work 4
Mr. Lucky
Artist's Work 5
Strike Eagle
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 10

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