Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay
West Bay, Bridport
H: 01308 422 564

Biography and Works

Bruce first indulged the great loves of his life as a London based international automotive art director for more than 30 years. The numerous European photographic sessions he conducted honed his considerable awareness of light. Bruce has exhibited at many international events including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and is a regular exhibitor at the Guild of Aviation Artists Summer Exhibition in London, winning the RAF Museum prize twice as well as ASAA where he was invited to their Retrospective in Battle Creek. ...more

In 2014 he won the James V. Roy Award for best art at the San Diego ASAA exhibition. Commissions have included Indianapolis Speedway, and race drivers AJ Foyte and Tony Stewart. Bruce's paintings are displayed in Museums and private collections worldwide.


Artist's Work 1
Blue Stocking Loners
Artist's Work 2
Merlin's Web
Artist's Work 3
Warfare Over the Trenches - FE8
Artist's Work 4
Dam Busters Raid
Artist's Work 5
Conquer or Perish
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 10

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