Brian Bateman

Brian Bateman

Brian Bateman

Biography and Works

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by aviation and the men and women who fly. It just seemed to become my purpose in life and remains my main driving force with my artwork and my passion.

My interest in aviation began as a child growing up in Dayton, Ohio ... 

Around the 5th grade I began copying the drawings of airplanes on model box tops and that was it - I became enthused with model building, dioramas, and research books---anything
and everything I could get on the subject of WWII history, Korea, Vietnam, and also The Civil War.

In 1986 I moved to San Diego, California where there are many vintage planes and restoration facilities available, not to mention near-perfect weather all year around.


Artist's Work 1
To Fight Another Day
Artist's Work 2
Black Tulip on Final
Artist's Work 3
Unscheduled Delivery
Artist's Work 4
Shadow of the Moon
Artist's Work 5
Shooting Swallows
Artist's Work 6
Dusk Travelers
Artist's Work 10

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