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Roderick Lees

Roderick Lees

Biography and Works

With over 35 years in the aviation and logistics as a second-generation military member, understanding of the workings of aircraft in their element is evident in Rod's artwork. A licensed A&P mechanic,  his commissioning into the United States Air Force afforded him  20 years of travel and first-hand experience in worldwide historical events, along with numerous opportunities to participate in operational missions within international mlitary and civilian aviation communities.  On retirement from active duty, he worked with Boeing in KC-135 and B-52 programs.   With over nine years as a USAF Progarm Managert with the B-52, he was recently trasnfered  to the B-1B program.  

Rod has five accessions in the USAF Art Program, and several of his paintings were developed and used as covers for the AIR MOBILITY FORUM magazine while on staff at Headquarters Air Mobility Command.  He accepts commissions and readily considers opportunities to expand his artistic skills.  Rod’s works include a 4 x 8 foot E-3B painting at Tinker AFB, one of the B-17 “Memphis Belle” hanging  in the halls of the Pentagon, a painting memorializing the crew of a B-52 "Raidr 21" lost in 20008, and other works in private ownership.  Rod is currently pursuing professional art development with ASAA.


Artist's Work 1
B-52G Secret Squirrels 1991
Artist's Work 2
Raider 21
Artist's Work 3
Taegu Defenders
Artist's Work 4
Rod's Tbird Flight 5th FIS, May 1979
Artist's Work 5
Memphis Belle Over St Nazaire

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