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Kristin Hill

Kristin Hill
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Biography and Works

Kristin Hill specializes in aviation art, concentrating on fine art oil paintings and custom commissions. Her works depict both the man-made aspects of aviation and the natural environment encountered during flight. In the skyscapes and landscapes she paints, the fleeting beauty and power of the skies and environment in which we live are captured for repeated enjoyment.

Kristin draws upon her formal education in fine arts, experiences in a family aviation business and a broad diversity of flight experiences to paint the richness of flight and the skies we explore. Her firsthand research includes flights in the high altitude U-2, contemporary military fighters, refueling and transport aircraft; World War II fighters and bombers; contemporary, antique, corporate, aerobatic and soaring aircraft; hang gliders, balloon and the parachute canopy. Recognized as an Artist Fellow member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, she has been an artist member since 1987, a president of ASAA and an active participant in the U.S. Air Force Art Program since 1980. More than 250 of her original works are included in museum, corporate, private, foreign and U. S. Air Force collections.


Artist's Work 1
Operation Fish Hawk: Classified 1964
May 1964 the CIA conducted two top secret reconnaissance flights with the U-2 aboard the USS Ranger to gather information about clandestine French nuclear tests in French Polynesia.
Artist's Work 2
Alone with The Forms
A U-2 pilot in the PSD transport van pre-breaths oxygen and awaits the walk to his jet for the imminent sortie. Around him a flurry of professional support at every level of flight preparation tightens into a finely straightened line of settled purpose. Now alone, he reviews the final forms for his solitary ten hour mission flight at the edge of the stratosphere.

~ This painting was inspired by Kristin’s high altitude U-2 flight experience. From within the protection of her own pressure suit while awaiting the walk to the U-2 for the flight, Kristin observed her pilot “checking the forms” that were presented to him. The intensity of the moment was shared with thousands of U-2 sorties and decades of history.
Artist's Work 3
Ain't Misbehavin
P-51D Mustang Ain’t Misbehavin’ of the U.S. Eighth Air Force 357th Fighter Group, piloted by Lt. Jesse Frey, is shadowed by fellow 362nd Fighter Squadron aircraft Passion Wagon and Wee Willie. The 362nd FS aircraft join with other 357th FG “Yoxford Boys” for one of many combat bomber escort missions in the later months of WW II.

Lt. Jesse R. Frey scored two victories and attained the rank of Captain. Ain’t Misbehavin’, G4-M, was serial number 44-15267. Crew Chief was SSgt. Pat Buzzeo. 31 January 1944 to 8 July 1945, the 357th FG was based at RAF Leiston (USAAF Station 373), England. “The Yoxford Boys” name was reference to the nearby village of Yoxford. Comprised of the 362nd, 363rd and 364th FS, the 357th FG totaled more air-to-air victories than any other P-51 group in the Eighth Air Force in WW II and was third among all groups fighting in Europe.
Artist's Work 4
Breath of Magic
Pitcairn Mailwing flying the New York to Atlanta mail route in 1929. This plane hangs at the National Air and Space Museum.
Artist's Work 5
The Chariot of Nyx
The SR-71 Blackbird speeds at Mach 3 and 85,000 feet at the edge of darkness.
Artist's Work 6
Jonah and the Dragon Lady

30" circular canvas

Within the "Dragon Lady", the U-2 maintainers conduct a thorough review and repair of the venerable high altitude aircraft. U-2 airframes manufactured 30 years ago have several decades of airworthiness remaining because of maintenance regimens and minimal airtime stresses.

The jet engine has been removed from this airframe for overhaul. Viewed through the open tail cone, the Dragon Lady's foil heat shields, structural elements, mechanisms, pipes, cables, open panels and dual forward intake vents offer a symphony of visual interplay.
Artist's Work 7
Vectoring from Thor

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, influences the wise pilot’s heading.
Artist's Work 8
Splash-In! by Kristin Hill ©2018 Oil on canvas 16” x 30"

The Grumman Goose earned a respected and nostalgic place in the history of air service to delightful island destinations. This painting captures the amphibious Goose powered by throaty radial engines sharing the beautiful salt waters with the intrepid diving pelicans of Catalina Island.
Artist's Work 9
Deicing the Sorcerer’s Magic Plane
Oil on canvas 30” x 20” 

Mystery, magic and practical fact merge as curious fellows on the icy airport ramp, challenging our skills of observation to make sense of what we see. The "Iceman" inside his deicing equipment sprays a special glycol mixture on the ice-coated tail surfaces of the Boeing 737. This process assures the aircraft’s essential physical aerodynamics are maintained for safe flight. And the Mouse? Of course we all know Mickey and his adventures as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. WestJet and Disney have collaborated to bring us the livery of the “Magic Plane” passenger jet and smiles to warm our hearts.
Artist's Work 10
Loons Over Puerto Rico After Maria
oil on canvas 24" x 36"
High altitude Loon balloons helped provide Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with internet and cellular connectivity after Hurricane Maria dealt devastating destruction September, 2017. The high altitude super pressure helium-filled Loon balloons carried ...
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