Thomas Kalina

Thomas Kalina

Thomas Kalina
H: 262-752-9770 ; W: 262-260-3522 ; C: 262-498-5790

Biography and Works

Tom has been painting and flying since the age of sixteen. He has accumulated over 16,000 hours of flying experience in a variety of aircraft types. This piloting background brings to the canvas authentic views of aircraft and their realm. Tom specializes in oil paintings of commercial and general aviation, with an emphasis on airliners of the 1950s. For over a decade, Tom was the Staff Artist for the World Airline Historical Society. ...more

Tom participates and judges in national aviation art shows. Some of his works have been put into print and many of his originals hang in corporate offices. He welcomes commissions.


Artist's Work 1
Through the Light of Ra
Artist's Work 2
Purple Morning Princess
Artist's Work 3
South American Glory
Artist's Work 4
The Summer of my Glory
Artist's Work 5
Destination Romance
Artist's Work 6
I Will Glory In My Duty
Artist's Work 10

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