Marcus Stewart

Marcus Stewart

Marcus Stewart
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Biography and Works

Marc Stewart is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and resides in the state. He has always had an interest in flying and of aircraft, WWII aircraft in particular. As a teenager he earned his pilots license. He and his friends flew all over the U.S. and Canada in a Cessna 120, and through the ignorance of youth, mixed with a lot of luck, narrowly averted death many times! They would often get two aircraft and "dogfight" each other or put on "airshows" for their friends -- including one stunt flight through an expressway underpass. In college Marc became involved in sailplane flying and was an active member of the West Georgia College Sport Parachute Team. After college, he joined the U.S. Navy and graduated from Aviation Officers Candidate School in Pensacola, FL. ...more

Marc then began flight training in pursuit of a career inNaval Aviation. During his Naval career Marc flew several aircraft including the T-34C, T-2C, US-2B, C-12, C-131, and the TA-4J Skyhawk. In 1995, he retired from the Naval Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander. In grade school and high school Marc drew or painted aircraft subjects. Throughout college many of his art shows were of an aviation theme. Marc believes his early flying experience influenced his college art projects. His military flying days and aviation maintenance experience further served to enhance his attention to detail in his aviation artwork.


Artist's Work 1
Lady in the Dark
Artist's Work 2
Phantom Coming Aboard
Artist's Work 3
Hell Over the Hadley
Artist's Work 4
Target of Opportunity
Artist's Work 5
Mosquitoes Over Jericho
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 10

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