Lou Drendel

Lou Drendel

Lou Drendel
(941) 488-8102

Biography and Works

Lou Drendel's paintings have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Time-Life Publications, Berkely Books, The Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society, EAA Warbirds Magazine, and in the 60+ books he has authored on military aviation for Squadron/Signal Publications and for ARCO Publishers. He has also authored and published “The Lima Lima Flight Team: The Life and Times of the World’s First Civilian six-Ship Formation Aerobatic Team”, and three new Kindle books, “B-25 Mitchell Illustrated”, “Aviation Art of Lou Drendel II” and “P-47 Thunderbolt Illustrated”.  ...see more

Lou is a founding member of the famous Lima Lima Flight Team, where he flew both leadership positions. (Team Lead and Solo Lead.) He has logged over 3,900 hours in the T-34 Mentor and served as president of the national T-34 Association. He is a Life Member of EAA and a former director of the EAA Warbirds of America. His “Flyers Series” of paintings for American Flyers website celebrates famous aviators and famous aircraft. His own website www.aviation-art.net features a wide variety of aircraft paintings, reflecting almost 50 years of work. Lou and wife Carol live in Venice, Florida.


Artist's Work 1
F/A-18C VFA-97 Warhawks
Artist's Work 2
F-15 Eagle on Alert
Artist's Work 3
F-4 with Instrument Panel
Artist's Work 4
Lou Drendel art book, page 4
Artist's Work 5
USMC Phantoms, rear cover of publication
Artist's Work 6
Adversaries - aircraft side views for book illustration
Artist's Work 10

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