Larry G. Manofsky

Larry G. Manofsky

Larry G. Manofsky

Biography and Works

Larry attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduating with a degree in Aeronautical Science. He worked as a flight instructor and charter pilot for a number of years and has experience in gliders, seaplanes, hot air balloons and turbine powered aircraft.   He attended The University of Tennessee in Knoxville and obtained a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. After graduation, he was hired by Rockwell Space Operations Company (RSOC) in Houston Texas and joined the Mission Operation Directorate/Training Division. He was assigned as a Space Shuttle Simulator Control and Propulsion Instructor. His duties included training astronaut candidates (ASCANs) , teaching individual astronaut crewmembers in single-systems trainers, and working as an instructor at the Space Shuttle Fixed and Motion based simulators. He was assigned to 7-person training teams that trained STS- 39, -41, -48, -53, and -63 for flight. He has had an interested in manned space flight from a very young age. He is presently an investor, part-time artist, and tinkers with engineering projects. He has completed building a Boeing 777 flight simulator and uses it as an instructional tool for high-school STEM students, Boy Scout merit badges, EAA Young Eagles and Civil Air Patrol introductory flights.


Artist's Work 1
Col. Eileen Collins, Space Shuttle Commander
Artist's Work 2
One-Hundred Ninety-Million Horsepower
Artist's Work 3
Saturn V-Moon Ride
Artist's Work 4
Melroy and Whitson
Artist's Work 5
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 10

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